07 décembre 2011

Goma, DR Congo: Ladies embark on mechanics

Mechanics has always been considered as a tough job for man only. "It is hard, and requires a lot of dynamism and will". It's a dirty work. There is oil, grease, it feels gasoline. "I do not think that it is for ladies", said Musafiri, a mechanic in Goma.

On this photo, Desanges repairs a truck engine.
Since 2008, Children's Voice added mechanics on its program of vocational training to disadvantaged and/or vulnerable adolescents from 15 to 17 years at Virunga center in Goma to empower them for a better future. 750 Young people were trained in carpentry, sewing, embroidery, knitting and cooking, 150 in mechanics, three girls in 2010 season: Desanges Fatuma, Merveille and Salima respectively 17, 16 and 15 years on this photo.
On this picture, a vocational training in mechanics at Children’s Voice center
At the end of training, youth go to garages. We went to Jambo Safari to meet Desanges, one of the 3 girls.
Under a truck, she said: "Sure it is ladies are rare in garages". Most of them avoid thi domain. TMK Company which has a large garage in Goma has a woman as garage manager. It is a good job, indeed. I like it so much. It is not so hard. We have to be determined and to face life. I would like to be a chief of garage. I invite girls from Goma town to learn mechanics, to work hard and not to stay dependent forever ".
Jambo Safari Company is one of Children's Voice donors who contributed in 2006 by cement bags to build the fence of Virunga center at Goma, in which Desanges was trained in mechanics with many others young people. Once again, by generosity, Jambo Safari contributes to empower youth from Goma town.
Here, Desanges repairs a breakdown truck

Novembre 2011
Christine Musaidizi

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